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The ForexSharing Club mission is to help you in becoming a better trader by sharing with you our experience, market knowledge and insights. Through our techniques, tools and methods, we want you to accelerate your path to becoming a successful trader and independent thinker. At The forexsharing traders Club our focus is you, By Traders for Traders.

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"I am enthusiastic about contributing to the needs of students to help them understand the necessary skills to trade profitably in the foreign exchange markets. It brings me great satisfaction to assist in the development of aspiring traders, in any way I can. I believe it is important for private traders to understand how trading professionals and web managers operate in the trading environment." --Basil Blazer

Basil B

Basil the Trainer-Trader

Basil Blazer has studied Engineering  and Business administration,he follows the technical developments study the markets from 2003 and has happy clients from Oregon to Australia. Basil offers  private consulting and training services to individuals and institutions looking to diversify their portfolio relating to foreign exchange holdings and risk. He also directs as webmaster a forex money management site for consistent profitable money managers in Switzerland. 

Basil has a passion for trading in the financial markets he is an active trader and webmaster who also educates in the foreign exchange sector. This fact sets his expertise apart from any other. His experience in the foreign exchange has inspired him to author educational materials for forex traders, such as;Northern Lights scalping,the  Daily system ,Complete FX Course,

Basil The Diver

Basil's  hobby is diving and exploring tropical reefs.He has done over 100 dives in Red Sea.


Basil also loves Wisper Electric bicycles for the convenience and the low enviromental impact.


Basil's favorite animal is Orca whale because has the abilty to be global free and independent.Here is the song we wrote about this fantastic animal.

Basil also advices against digital drugs which are: television,videogames ,smartphones tamblets and the like.A balance in life must exists beetween digital life and real life.Here is the song we wrote about it.



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Brian M
Skype: BMOregon
Email: equalizer35(@)
Oregon, USA forex scalping usa

My experience with Blazer and the Northern Lights strategy are way beyond my expectations. Not only will Blazer teach you how to be a better trader, he will also guide you and lead you to many resources that may take someone years to find on their own. Not to mention the expenses you acquire. Resources that will transform your life "Literally". He will guide you not just in trading but become well balance in health, mind and spirit. You will have Blazer on your side in a Skype room and may ask and share info with him as often as you want. He will guide you every step of the way, in fact until now I continue to be surprised with what he shares with me. The learning never stops, you will continue to receive up to date latest information about what’s going on and how to trade the current market. You will receive many many many; did I say many tools to help you with technical, sentimental and fundamental analysis. Blazers program is for serious traders. If you're really serious about Forex trading and ready to commit to learning that will last you a lifetime. This program is priceless; everything that you will receive is beyond any program out there. Anyone interested to know more about my experience with Northern Lights are welcome to email me.



Greetings to all,
I been trying to trade Forex for over 5 years
and I have been lucky to break almost even.
I am writing today to tell you about a Light I found.
It has helped me a lot. Northern Lights sowed me
the error of my ways, no not free, but worth 10
times the fee I paid. I am not frustrated any more.
If you are a newbe, or a frustrated old timer like me,
63 years old and hard headed. Get a real Forex
Education. Learn to win....Thanks to Basil....
I am a winner now.
Ronald Prince
Retired USMC



I met Blazer in one of the online forex forums while trying to find consistently profitable trading system. His profound knowledge of the forex markets and his consistent profitable results impressed me so much that I decided to become one of his students and follow all his recommendations.
At that time I was tired from testing various trading systems and finally I realized that only private mentoring will make me profitable. I was lucky to find the right person at the right time and to avoid years of useless attempts, loss of money and disappointment.
Blazer provided me full guidance and all needed high quality tools for success including computer optimization, learning material and much more – far more than I expected.
In short period of time my trading skills improved to a very high incomparable level - I was surprised by my own good results.
The northern lights system is so unique and so different from others – it totally changed my view and interpretation of the market .Now when I look at the charts most traders use – I know for sure that I will not come back and use those charts anymore.

MB, private trader, 1 May 2009

mobile: 972578138837


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None of the training I have done so far has been as good as that provided in the NorthernLights Strategy Training. A step by step approach to the NorthernLights Strategy has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of market movements on a second by second basis. The training has given me a working understanding of what drives the markets and how the banking institutions respond. Being able to know when the markets are going to move has given me the confidence to trade more successfully than I ever have before. The NorthernLights Strategy is an absolute must for those who are serious about achieving success in Forex Trading.
Phillip Kelly
Brisbane Australia

Skype username tradeagent1966



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